Instructions for the Payment of the Membership Fee

All payments are requested to one of the following accounts:

Deutsche Bank 24 Wuppertal 
Postbank, Niederlassung Essen
BLZ 330 700 24
BLZ 360 100 43
Konto-Nr. 2220911
Konto-Nr. 611020430
IBAN: DE09 3307 0024 0222 0911 00
IBAN: DE20 3601 0043 0611 0204 30

According to §6 (3) of the statute, every member is obliged to pay unsolicited the annual fee to GAMM.

The Treasurer directs to the members of the GAMM in Germany the urgent request to join to the direct debit. Please use for this the following form:

direct debit authorisation

Method of Payment

The society for applied mathematics and mechanics serves according to certificate of the tax office Karlsruhe city from the 11th September, 2006 exclusively and immediately tax-preferred charitable purposes in terms of §§51 following AO. The membership fees are drawable off after §10b paragraph 1 EStG, §9 paragraph 1 No. 2 KStG and §9 No. 5 GewSTG like donations as allowances.