Board election 2013

The vote on the Board of Council election took place either by ballot box election at the general meeting of the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Association in Novi Sad on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 or by electronic voting. All members of GAMM received a special invitation. Authorized to vote are individual members of the GAMM as well as named delegates of corporate members.

During the board election 2013 268 members participated.

Following the distribution of all votes:

Position Candidat valid votes
abstention from voting
W. Ehlers, Stuttgart 243 25
Vice President
R. Müller, Kaiserslautern
first election
Solid Mechanics
231 37
Member of Managing Board  
P. Benner, Magdeburg
Numerical Analysis
228 40
Member of Managing Board S. Conti, Bonn
Applied Analysis
225 43
Member of Managing Board L. Grüne, Bayreuth
214 54
Member of Managing Board J. Eberhardsteiner, Wien
first election
Solid Mechanics
211 57
Member of Managing Board G. Kutyniok, Berlin
first election
Stochastic/ Optimization
Member of Managing Board S. Leyendecker, Erlangen
first election
Stochastic/ Optimization
142 18
Member of Managing Board C. Egbers, Cottbus
first election
Fluid Mechanics
207 61

Members of the Committee for Board election 2013
  • Chair:
    Peter Wriggers, Hannover, Vizepräsident
  • voted members:
    Edwin Kreuzer, Hamburg, Dynamic/Fluid Mechanics
    Karl Schweizerhof, Karlsruhe, Solid Mechanics
    Rolf Jeltsch, Zürich, Numerical Analysis
    Stefan Müller, Bonn, Analysis


Pursuant to the Statute the term of office ends on 31 December of the year of the meeting.
The term of office from the election in Novi Sad begins at January 01, 2014.